Geochron Analog Clock at KY6R

I was bequeathed a Geochron analog clock from a DXer whom I knew when I lived in Lafayette – and whom I listened to on CW every morning on 160 and 80M. We were both low band DXers, and I even attended an NCDXC Club meeting with this fellow when the club meetings were held at Harry’s Hofbrau. We also were both CW ops – above all other modes. He was my fathers age – and was an “across town” neighbor and an elmer of sorts. He built some of his own gear, especially high powered amplifiers.

He was very excited about using old coax bits and pieces for radials – and I actually tried what he recommended – and the net effect was that the capacitance in those radials seemed to mean that you get away with fewer radials than usual. I’m guessing they were tuned and broad banded, because he did have a formula for their length. They were tied together at the antenna feed point, but open at the ends.

Can you guess who this is?

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