Sony RX100 VI

Conditions on most bands have been pretty lousy all year – with a few “pops” up out of the abyss. This has caused me to search for “other” avenues of interest, and besides reading, I am getting interested in photography again – especially after archiving ALL of my digital photographs – which I just completed recently. I had photo’s on CD’s and on 4 computers – so this was a multi-week and multi-weekend project.

One thing that caught my eye (literally) was the image quality from the Colorado photo’s. I used the first version of the Sony RX100 – and so now I have the upgraded to the most recent version. I still love my Sony a6000, but I wanted a small pocket camera that I can take with me to work and where I can get back into street photography – especially since I work in San Francisco, which always has something interesting to photograph.

The shack photo that I took yesterday in that blog post was taken with the RX100 VI – and the angles that the back display twists and turns really helps tremendously, as does its pop up EVF.

Test shot #1 (click on images for best detail)

I took a few test shots out doors in the afternoon sun – and am pleased with the clarity, color and sharpness.

Test shot #2

Even in bright sunlight, I am getting decent images, and I love the Zeiss 40 – 200mm lens

Test #3 – neighbors “smoke tree” – close up detail

The menu system is excellent – and the Auto menu makes some really smart choices, meaning – if you are a novice, this camera will set you up nicely. For example, it switches between Macro and Landscape depending how close you zoom into something – and then changes the meter mode to also work best in that particular mode.

I still use the “Zone System” that I learned when I had a 4×5 camera, sheet film and a Pentax spot meter. Now I simply use the cameras built in spot meter, and with the new touch screen – I can focus and set the lighting to track the spot focus or use another part of the screen – one for focus and one for exposure. That’s the first time I’ve really experienced a touch screen on a camera – and it seems to be a great feature.

Geez – having fun with photography just completely made me forget that we are at the bottom of the cycle and where DX is nary to be found . . .

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