Detritus of Autumn


With Halloween just over a month away, its time again kids, for CREEPY ART!

Feast your eyes on detritus – and mildly freaky “junk art”, aka Assemblage.

I wanted to see what would happen to the Colorado abandoned house as it is, and then with some effects – to make it more “Halloweeny”:

Detritus is the word that comes to mind. And old abandoned toy re-purposed – or an old house seemingly being swallowed by a grove of aspens. This is the ongoing process of life – old things fall by the wayside – young things keep it alive – the Aspens almost give some hope next to that old house that has seen better days. For me – with color – the house looks almost nice – a little sad that it fell into disrepair. In black and white with some vignetting – it looks more ominous and more like a Halloween Haunted House. One thing for sure – photography is a unique art in that it can be an artistic pursuit – but it is always a form of documentation that is unique in the way it presents its information. Questions like “Did I really look like that when I was 23 years old?” . . . spring to mind.

There is a part of Autumn that is the Fall Harvest – a time of abundance and reaping what you have sowed. For me, its been a very good year at work- in spite of the very worst year of my life as far as politics go. The Data Explorer Project at Credit Karma has been quite possibly the best thing I have ever built at work.

. . . “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” . . .

I actually have run into something I did not expect – the product is so good – a few people were jealous. Their response was so weird, it took me weeks to try to understand what they were grumbling and why. This same exact thing happened with VK0EK – there were just a few people who seemed to be jealous because we actually pulled off quite a few interesting, if not innovative sub projects within the big project. We also got great press – just as I have with the Data Explorer (I was interviewed and recorded for the companies video program in the Engineering department and the CTO has propped it up as one of a two pronged approach to Credit Karma’s first real Data Governance Program) – which is what I was hired to build.

But therein lies the rub – I remember the first time growing up in NJ – where after the beautiful fall colored leaves fell from the trees – the weather turned towards winter and it was grey and there were no leaves left on the trees. It was early November, and I clearly remember for the first time in my early life the metaphor of the turning of the seasons – Fall to Winter. I guess its never all good or all bad . . .

Just like VK0EK – after the rush of success – or making Honor Roll – you get that sad feeling that the ride to success is over, and you are back to where you were before – three miles east of Nowheresville – and out of gas. Maybe a good time to take a week off? But I digress . . .

Here in Northern California, we will have landscape trees that offer beautiful color all the way up until Christmas or so – and the weather never turns like it does in the Northeast.

But I do like the dichotomy of the harvest and then the Detritus of Autumn – its one part thought provoking with a pinch of melancholy thrown in.

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