DXpeditions and Cycle 25: Last Man Standing?

I recently read a comment by several DXpeditioners who have said they either have or will retire after Cycle 24. There is no doubt that the pool of those capable and willing to pull off a Mega DXpedition will start to diminish – and I’m talking now – if it hasn’t already happened.

Looking at the best site for DXpedition listings:


There are still teams going places – mostly smaller teams – and if someone were just starting DXing – the list isn’t too bad. No really great Top 10 DXpeditions planned – but still – a pretty good set of varied DX.

Conditions will suck for 2 – 4 years, so that will be a problem for many – but its part of the game. Maybe FT8 will help this time at the bottom of the ionospheric trough.

There are several potential DXpedition leaders who have gone on mega’s put on by those now retiring – who are 70 years old – or older. These younger potential DXpedition leaders are in their late 50’s and early 60’s – so even they have about 10 years to put on such projects. This means we will most likely see the last of the mega’s in Cycle 25 – and after that – I’m guessing its all over but the shouting.

I hate to admit – I’m really glad I started my pursuit in 2001 – with the last two to go (3Y0/B and FT/G) – I feel like I am the last person who has a fighting chance to make #1 Honor Roll. There just aren’t enough DXpedition leaders in the pool – especially after Cycle 25.

Hopefully I am wrong – but this is all based on actuarial statistics and the fact that Ham Radio just hasn’t brought in enough young people – and I am sure it won’t either.

Its the most wonderful – but one of the most anachronistic – hobbies (still) going.

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