The DXCC Sleuth is a Bust

Click on image for best view . . .

I’ve tried to do the DXCC Sleuth twice now – and after about 30 entities, just lost interest. The number of people interested in it is so low – its not even worth the $100 a year I pay for the WordPress site – so I am going to deep six it.

One take away is that no one really cares about your DX Awards – its a highly personal thing – and now I realize that no digital format can replace the QSL Binder book that sits on my shelf.

The same goes for DX Award Plaques or other such items – they are great on your own wall – but not so much to make you feel like a big shot – but as a reminder of the fun you had along the way earning it.

Luckily, this blog – The Top Band Chordal Hopper has exceeded my expectations on daily views – and it jives with the fact that I have given more than 10 years of antenna presentations. It seems that people really like reading about the trials and tribulations of trying whatever antenna will fit in a small suburban back yard.

Its kind of fun to have used WordPress as a sort of marketing test platform – to see what the average Ham is most interested in as far as DXing and “Making” are concerned.

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