2018: The Final Sprint

Mount Shasta, California

Its been the best of times – its been the worst of times. Lets start out with the best – since my glass is always more than half full.

I started the year with a new exercise – weight lifting. I’ve lifted weights at least twice a week – but on average 3 times a week since February and love it. I do low weights – with lots of reps – and walk to and from my gym for a total of 2 miles round trip. That’s on top of riding my bike to and from BART every day. I’ve only lost 10 pounds – so have recently doubled or tripled down with an app called LoseIt! and it is the best app I’ve found – I like it a lot more than Weight Watchers. It is based on calorie counting – which I find I have to do – as my doctor said “Its all about calories in, calories burned”. This past weekend I started doing a 10 mile sprint on my bike – which includes a couple of hills. I increased my speed by 1.6 mph in just two days – and really enjoyed “huffing it”. Between that and LoseIt! I’m much more confident I can hit my goal when the app says I will – the beginning of January.

At work I have delivered a killer app and have learned React – which is based on JavaScript and Node.js. I’m loving adding Front End Web Browser based development – this opened the new chapter in the second quarter after a successful but very boring first quarter of coding (gulp) ETL – which I am really burned out on. In the third quarter we launched the best software I’ve ever worked on, and it launched Credit Karma’s Data Governance program – or I should say it has vastly improved what I started a year and a half ago. That success looks like it will open the next chapter for me at work – where I can continue this Front End app development work – and I was asked to help start a new in house internal app team – and provide a year long business plan. Fingers crossed.


Now that Autumn has started – I realize I have this last quarter of the year to really dig in and lose this weight and get to my target. I am more confident than ever with this app – and like the caloric science that it is – I have lost the next 2 pounds towards my final goal. Fingers crossed again – but the metaphor of the cycling sprint is perfect for the weight loss sprint. I’ll have to remain vigilant the rest of my life – but the benefits are very much worth the effort.

Luckily, the worst of times (politics) have not affected me more than aggravated me – (and provided the most fodder for comedians) – so lets pray something really bad doesn’t happen. My money is on the bet that things will get a hell of a lot worse before they get better. The old adage “Everyone was having fun until someone got hurt” comes to mind. We live in an Idiocracy now – so get used to it. America won’t be made great again – its going to be trashed.

Now we are “hurtling” towards 2019. Good luck to us all.

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