Why Bother With Ham Radio?

I have realized lately that the main reason I got back into Ham Radio was Nostalgia first and DXCC second. I realize this now that DXCC is history in my log.

I have really enjoyed “living history” and in the last few years have come upon a history genre where its real life history – but told from the standpoint of the drama involved – with the race to invent or discover.

Even in my photography – I am drawn to old “grande” things and in my Assemblage art – old junk

Part of this is the fact that Mrs. Goodin – my 4th grade teacher taught a series on the Inventors, and that’s when this historical world of wonder opened up for me. What makes it even more fun is that I work daily on the latest software and on the latest hardware – and so I appreciate “from whence we came”.

I have always liked Autumn and Winter – with the “cozy” shack and listening to point to point CW or SSB signals – and yes, even AM. I even like checking into a net or two – just to have an excuse to transmit for a few seconds each day.

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