Bouvet and Glorioso – They Can Wait!

Conditions are so bad – I’m actually hoping that the teams that will activate Bouvet and Glorioso will wait until about 2024 or so. I’d be afraid that if they went now – I wouldn’t even hear them and it would be like FT5GA all over again.

We are very much at rock bottom, and I expect that conditions will suck in 2019 and 2010, but then climb out of the hole in 2021, but that the next peak would be maybe 2024 or so.

In Cycle 24, 40M picked up the slack – but right now – its anemic at best. I think it seemed to shut down not long after the demise of 3Y0Z. Hopefully it will return soon – because I’m finding that while 20M has been open – even the Caribbean and South America has been just “OK”.

For a major DXpedition to be worth its while – its needs the confidence and then donations from the DXers. Right now – that confidence has to be low – and I would bet up front donations would be lower than they had been say up through 3Y0Z.

The other thing is a project to either of these places would need to be heard on many bands – and that just won’t happen after what I expect to be a long and deep minimum of this cycle moving into next.



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