This Blog Will Live on, But . . .

Telluride Aspens, R. Holoch

I have received enough feedback to keep this blog going – even though Ham Radio will appear only very occasionally. I simply have run out of things to say about Ham radio and DX-ing – but this could change if I find a “new muse” within the hobby.

Some have told me that they especially enjoyed the landscape and art photography . . .

Ode to the Surrealists, R. Holoch

It will be much more art (photography and assemblage), cycling and music oriented, plus some (hopefully) surreal and dadaist oriented musings – with the occasional beer review.

I don’t get a lot of feedback to my postings – but I do get a lot of email, and the email’s are always thoughtful and encouraging with some great suggestions every now and then. This blog has always had many more followers and readers than the DXCC Sleuth, and I look at the stats to judge whether or not a blog is worth continuing.

By the way – since many seem to like the antenna articles – please feel free to use them in your club newsletter – all I ask that you give KY6R attribution. The same goes for my photography – use anything you like – I’m an “Open Source” kind of guy – and all of my work is covered under the Creative Commons license.

One Comment on “This Blog Will Live on, But . . .

  1. Hi Rich, it is your blog. No one can tell you what to do. You decide! Personally I like your art the most, pictures second. Radio is always interesting! 73, Bas


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