The Ghosts of Our Past

We visited the Deschutes Historical Museum in Bend, Oregon today after a wonderful week here

Very funny sign!

The museum is an an old Elementary school called The Reid School, so the building is as historic as its contents. When I was a kid – I found an old Edison bulb out in a field in a dump that was next to a burned down house.

Edison bulbs – as a kid my class trips were to Edison’s lab in Menlo Park, NJ

Kodak – bringing back my one year in Rochester (Fairport, NY to be exact)

My first job out of college was at Kodak in Rochester, NY. My job was “process control” or recording the manufacturing process making Instant Print Film – and using PDP-11’s and Octal Assembler. I asked my boss why in the world did they decide I was right for this job – and he said “Your Ham Radio License made you much more technical than most applicants”. Well, OK . . .

HRO SW-3 – 3 tube Super Regenerative Receiver built during the Depression

Call it Serendipity – or as Jung would say “Synchronicity” – but I have a new friend – Reg – from Huntsville, Alabama – and who lived in the same area as I do a few years back – is selling me some QRP rigs and maybe – if we can work things out – an old HRO SW-3. Reg had had contest stations with Al Crespo – who used to live in Orinda but now lives in France. Al was a supporter of VK0EK – and I did chat with Al via Email – he told me about his trials and tribulations with the City of Orinda and neighbors complaining about his tower and antennas. I also found out that Bob Fererro – who owned HRO – also used to live in Orinda. Small world. Bob ended up also in Danville / Diablo as Reg did.

Now – here is the cool thing – Reg was co-owner of the Danville Hotel for a while and also had Reg Tibbets – W6ITH as his idol as a ham in the Bay Area. Reg Tibbets lived in Moraga – and I first found his rhombic antenna at Rancho Laguna Park where I used to bring my kids when they were very young. I saw the telephone poles and the switching house he had set up – and did some research and found out what Reg did during WWII.

I was recently bequeathed Chuck Patterson’s old Geochron clock. I used to hear Chuck on Top Band every morning and attended an NCDXC meeting at Harry’s Hofbrau with Chuck once. The clock had been stored in a very historical grain building in Port Costa, a wonderful old little town in Contra Costa County next across the Carquinez from Benicia.

The Alberto Frattini Bug – something on my bucket list!

I learned Morse Code on a straight key but quickly moved to a Vibroplex Bug. Until I saw this Italian beauty, I hadn’t thought much about a Bug – but now I’m drooling for one.

In the Deschutes Historical Museum, they had a Bend newspaper that had an article where a local couple who were Pacifists knocked a politician to the ground because they opposed WWI and the US entry into it. A telegrapher was quoted as helping that politician up, and I was struck that they even mentioned his occupation.

One person’s path crosses another both now and from the past. The present and in history.

The ghosts of our past circle around like a stream or river that meanders and finds its way due to gravity. Maybe serendipity is a figurative expression of gravity?

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