A “Tuning” of the Seasons

HRO (National) SW-3 – Circa 1930’s

I was lucky to meet Reg – regarding QRP and 1930’s shortwave receivers. This is the SW-3, and here is a video of someone tuning it:


If you’ve followed my blog – then you know I started out at age 11 in 1970 as a shortwave listener. I built a Heathkit SW-717 receiver and had a blast – even though that radio wasn’t the best. As a teenager I also completely rebuilt a tube power supply for a BC-348J. The SW-3 only has 3 tubes, so I would be able to refurbish if needed, and I’m guessing I could find tubes – even if I had to purchase other rigs that has these tubes.

I’m also going to try an FB-7 from the same era. This plus the QRP rigs will make for simple Ham Radio fun. I also am still drooling over that Frattini Bug and possibly the Begali CW Machine and maybe even an Elecraft KX2.

I’ve sold a bunch of stuff – so all of this is subsidized by my “horse trading”. I will keep the ALM-31 and SteppIR UrbanBeam and also the 40M phased array. If I only had 40M CW from here on out – I’d be more than happy.

There is something just perfect about going back to my old “minimal” self – which was rudely interrupted by DXCC for the last 17 years!


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