Radio “Newstalgia”

Howard Mills, W3HM restored and pristine condition Collins 75A-4 and Speaker

When I was a kid – WN2QHN, the first thing I learned about the “best” ham radio gear was Collins. And back then – in 1973, hams would say “only doctors and lawyers can afford them”. Fast forward to today – and I have reached the “pinnacle” of ham radio gear. I also love the 75A-1, but this rig has always been my favorite – not only does it look so classic and so excellent – its performance is also wonderful.

The dial mechanism and display of the 75A-4 is just the best

The D’Arsonval analog meter – sorry folks – digital meters just don’t come close to this beauty . . .

The house we rented last week in Bend. Oregon

My ultimate dream – after working all these years and being successful in IT – far beyond what anyone from Newton, NJ would expect – would be to own an old wooden house like this in Oregon, and have the Collins 75A-4 providing entertainment far better than a TV.

The immaculate inside view of the Collins 75A-4

Out with the new, and in with the old is the mantra here at KY6R. I was so worried that giving up my QRO DXCC station would be a regret – but my intuition finally won out – and I am so glad it did. Owning this Collins receiver makes me feel like I’ve “made that grade” that others talked about in the 1970’s – my elmers. I’ll raise a glass tonight for them . . . .

Stay tuned – this will be a multi-week adventure in Forwarding Fast into the Past . . .


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