Recreation and Restoration

Tower Theater in Bend, Oregon

Last week we were in Bend, Oregon – which has always been a fun relaxing week vacation away from the hubub of the SF Bay Area. While there – I found out about some annoying things at work because I had the stupid Slack app on my phone. So I have decided – as I did with Twitter and Facebook – to delete it from my phone. I already feel better. I keep reminding myself that for the majority of my career – I never had a smart phone and hardly ever had to carry a pager. I continue to reject modern life and have successively been “un-tethering” from what I view as unnecessary and even unhealthy modern life habits (like looking at the daily horror show called the news).

Frost on the roof of a beautifully restored old house in Bend, Oregon – a yearly ritual for us – the “first frost”

I also realized yesterday that “work – life balance” is a state of mind. When I designed, managed and coded the Credit Karma Data Explorer – I got so wrapped up in it that I did take it too seriously. So yesterday I reminded myself to chill out – that while it was and is a cool product – its not “my baby”. You see, many years ago – when I was an Oracle DBA who set up some big system – I proclaimed “its my baby” and a woman corrected me noting it wasn’t a baby or living thing. I’ll never forget that – and had to remind myself of that yesterday.

Scene along the road – Sisters, Oregon

We rode our bikes 5 days in a row and it felt great to get back into riding so often. I kept up my exercise this week – to capitalize on that 5 day run.

Scenes along the road – Deschutes River – Redmond, Oregon

Kat asked a great question that I have been thinking about a lot “Do you feel like you are a different person now?” (as compared to when we first started going to Bend) – which was about 11 years ago. The answer is (for both of us) a resounding Yes, and in many aspects. I don’t ride my bike nearly as much as I did in miles, but I use my bike to get to work every day since I got rid of my car more than a year ago. I also no longer have that OCD obsession about DXCC – which I was sure I’d never drop out of my life – but I have for sure now. I view work and what I do there differently – and now I work with kids who are my kids age – and am managed by someone 10 years younger – and she is one of the “older” people at work. At work – just being happy and doing good work is great. I am no longer trying to “climb the ladder” – but still like recognition of a job well done – and getting paid of course. But in many ways its a new era.

Scenes along the road – Deschutes River – Redmond, Oregon

My relationship with my wife is now mature – when we first got married and ran up to Bend as much as we could to “get away” – our relationship was new and young. I had been divorced and my “second life” was starting with Kat. I sure do like where we are now, and cherish all days in between.

Collins 75A-4 Receiver

Picking up the Collins receiver yesterday was a real “event”. I had anticipated it for days – and I knew it was pristine and sitting at a friends shack waiting for me- just a half hour way. The anticipation was being a kid at Christmas. When I first saw it, I actually had a physical reaction – it was / is so beautiful, it took my breathe away – just a little. The sound, the smell of new old tubes and just the look of the gorgeous restoration made me feel warm and relaxed. I’m even happier with it in my shack – it feels just right – just like the Norcal40A does.

That annoying news from work I got while on vacation competed for my attention – but I didn’t let it ruin my vacation – but it sure tried. It was an effort to try to ignore. Coming back home and thinking about restored old houses in Bend and now this beautifully restored Collins receiver and our bike rides reminds me that my time away from work time is for recreation – to “re-create” and restore, and most importantly not to take work or anything in life too seriously.





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