ICOM IC-7300

ICOM IC-7300

I was seriously considering the Elecraft KX2 when I noticed that this rig is now on sale for $975 after mail in rebate. This has to be the best value going in Ham Radio. In fact, the IC-7610 that I sold pays for this rig plus the Collins 75A-4, which is pretty amazing, actually.

I have a friend who has both the IC-7610 and the IC-7300, and he said for casual everyday use – the 7300 is more than enough radio. He also agrees with me that the IC-7610 is more like the K3 as far as capabilities go and that the 7300 is just too good of a deal over the KX2 or KX3 (because I only ever use the rig at home and don’t activate SOTA peaks or other operating from a battery or portable).

I would say that the 7610 and the K3 are “DXCC Stations” and the 7300 is a good general purpose ham radio – certainly good enough for DXCC, but where someone who gets to 300 would want the 7610 at that point – especially if they were to try for DXCC on the low bands – just because of the extra antenna port, second receiver and RX antenna input. These are exactly the features I no longer need – and will never need again.

I nixed the solar power charged station, but I do have the most excellent Norcal40A for times when I might bring a small battery operated rig on vacation – like the next time we rent a house in Bend or somewhere else.

I will still go to my neighbors house to work Bouvet and Glorioso – because I simply can’t afford to miss them as I missed FT5GA – 10 years (ago almost to the day). I never heard them once – and band conditions are as bad as they were back then.

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  1. How come you sold your 7610? Only very recently you were declaiming how this was your favourite rig?


    • It is still my favorite rig – but I have completed my DXCC goals and no longer need any of the extra features over the 7300. Six months ago I did not have the heart to admit that my DXCC goals were done and over with for good. So, it took me 6 months to finally admit that and then I asked myself “OK – what’s the next chapter?” and hence where I am today.

      Just so I don’t feel crazy (ham radio operators, crazy?), the fellow who sold me the Collins receiver said he just went through the exact same thing. I owned the K3 for 10 years, and before that had progressively stepped up through several top of the line DX rigs – the Orion being my favorite that I held onto for several years.

      But the K3 wins the longest I ever had any rig – it was that good. I think the 7610 is on par with the K3 – maybe even a little bit better – the receiver just seemed to have less noise – but that was to my ear – not based on a lab report of any kind. It seemed like the 7610 could still hear a signal “alongside” the noise – vs. the K3 where a signal would “bob up and down” in the noise. It could have just the way my hearing works – or is it because of the receiver architecture – I don’t know.


      • There is a big difference in how ICOM and Elecraft radio AGC systems work. That could explain what you hear. Some of that can be mitigated in the settings for the radios, but only some.

        Slightly OT: It’s way too easy to overthink a lot of these hobby things. Just a thought…

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