Morse Code

I am very pleasantly surprised – my intuition is leading me down a new path that I really wondered might not have “legs” like DXCC did all those years. Its a nostalgia trip – but with a real twist – its keeping history alive moving full speed into the future.

Begali CW Machine Software – my spacing needs a little help!

I started playing with the Begali CW Machine – developed by Ulrich Steinberg, N2DE, and am just starting to really enjoy it. Its connected to my laptop – and I’m using it to simply monitor my sending and seeing how and where I can improve.

Begali CW Machine   

Right away I can see that my spacing suffers – and I am sure from all the years sending nothing but sending DX_CALL de KY6R 599 TU . . .

Alberto Frattini J-36 Bug

My paddles are my favorite – the N3ZN paddles – and I have ordered the Frattini bug. I can’t wait to get it, but for now am using this beauty:

N3ZN Paddles

I read a great biography on Samuel F. B. Morse, and so all of this combines to add to my fun. Its a rich tapestry of the art and science of communication.

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