V51B on the Collins 75A-4

High Angle 40M Long Path to V51B on the West Coast

There are several great things going on this morning – coffee, Collins 75A-4 and a great Long Path opening to Namibia. Andre is S9 on both the phased vertical array and the UrbanBeam. There is more deep QSB on the UrbanBeam, but I am sure that the angle has to be high for the UrbanBeam – at only 34 or so feet to hear this distance on 40M – which is more than 15,000 miles!

The magic of radio, and now I can confirm that this venerable old rig can hear long distance DX as well as a modern rig – certainly well enough to enable working that kind of DX. The nice thing is hearing this path open – since it has been not so great since the end of last Winter / Spring.

This path is usually open during the Fall and Winter and part of Spring, and it is what saved me during the long bottom of Cycle 23. If you chase DXCC and don’t want the DX Doldrums at the long and nasty bottom of this Cycle – I highly recommend that you invest in the best 40M antenna you can put up. You will need either a pair of phased verticals or a “shorty 40” yagi up at least 50′ – higher is much better.

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