75M Top Hatted Vertical

Simple 75M top hatted vertical

I’m selling my 60′ 80M vertical with home brewed matching and switch circuit – and low band receive system. They will all be gone this Saturday. My 160M vertical is gone – and will be used by three fellows who are chasing DXCC on 80 and 160M. I’m done with that for good.

However, I still want to check into a 75M net or two – just because some days 75 / 80M is the only game in town at the bottom of the cycle. I’ve even seen days where 40M doesn’t open much – or is dead quiet with little of no activity (except FT8, which I will never pursue).

I have a 41′ Spiderbeam Aluminum pushup mast that I have used as a vertical before – with an extension at the top for 160M. Now I can use it for 75/80 by just adding two 20 – 30′ top hat loading wires. I’m not trying to build a barn burner DX antenna – but something for local net work. This vertical is in the ON4UN Lowband DXing book – but with horizontal top loading wires. In my case – I will be lazy and use the two top wires as a sort of guy wire set. I might even use three wires. I will be able to easily tune the antenna just by trimming the hat wires using my antenna analyzer. Can’t get much simpler than that.

There will be no base loading as I have now – no switching, nada. Since I will use the IC-7300 with its internal tuner – I should easily be able to tune this vertical for the 80M CW band and use its internal tuner for the 75M net frequencies. Its actually kind of amazing how much simpler your station can be when you only stick to 100 watts or less. Its a lot less of a hassle and the engineering is so simple.

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