The National SW-3

Original SW-3 advertisement

The National SW-3 regenerative receiver made its debut in the 1930’s and was designed by James Millen and company. It is a very sensitive receiver that only has three tubes and uses plug in coils for band switching.

SW-3 Circuit – so simple I can maintain it and do some restoration if need be

There were both battery operated and AC power supply operated models – and the tubes in the unit give away which one. I will soon be receiving the AC power supply model – and it will be powered by a “Doghouse” power supply:

National “Doghouse” power supply

Its now time to get back into my hobby – I have been “all consumed” by work – which is really not a healthy thing at all – even when you are very successful – its most important to maintain balance. I did just “catch myself” caring too much about work – and so switching over to these old rigs is a great way to “take a vacation from my work self”.

As I was taking down my old 80M Spiderbeam based 60′ vertical, I found enough aluminum to put up a 36′ top hatted vertical that will replace it. The top hat wires will be tuned for the CW band, and then I will use the internal IC-7300 ATU to tune to the CW and SSB bands – with no need for switching, base loading or guying. Because I don’t have an amplifier any more – I can greatly simplify and not worry about arcs and sparks.

Onward – and With Balance.

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