Icom IC-7610 vs. IC-7300 vs. Elecraft K3

The Icom IC-7300 is far and away the best value and highly capable rig on the market – and as far as I am concerned – for all time to date.


I’ve read some who said they thought the IC-7300 was better than the Elecraft K3 – sorry, if you are a serious DX-er chasing DXCC and want to chase low band DXCC, the K3 is much better – only because of its options for second receiver, RX input and other available options. For DX-peditions – the K3 is king of the hill – hands down, and I doubt anyone will beat it for its weight and capability in the field. If you aren’t a DXCC fanatic – then this is a very good rig to consider.

My favorite rig of all time – in the shack – is the Icom IC-7610. It has all of the options I needed for DXCC on low and high bands and in my use – beat the K3 as far as separating the signal from the noise. One thing that never did anything for me was the band scope or the touch screen – they are fancy gimmicks but for me – not necessary for DXCC and my way of operating.

I saw a video where the fellow said he thought the IC-7300 had a better build quality than the IC-7610. Malarkey – they are both the same – very good fit and finish.

Because I no longer chase DXCC or any awards, the IC-7300 has got to be the best “all rounder” as far as an HF/6M rig goes. I am very, very pleased at the value proposition of this rig and can see why so many sing its praises. Icom has really set the bar for all ham radio manufacturers – and I put them up there now with Elecraft – which I never have done before. I owned my K3 for 10 years and attribute it for working the toughest and rarest DX.

One Comment on “Icom IC-7610 vs. IC-7300 vs. Elecraft K3

  1. I’d sing its praises way higher if they didn’t charge an extra $150 for the PC control software. WTF! Everyone else gives theirs away. Maybe it’s the Gillette model, lose a bit on the initial hardware and make it up with extras? 😛

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