New 80M Vertical

New 80M Vertical – #1 is a 36′ Spiderbeam aluminum push up mast and #2 is a wire that will go up to my tall spruce tree

I spent the last 7 months on a project at work that was all consuming. I thought about the product I designed, built and delivered into production. I went that extra mile that management seems to like. Just like earning DXCC Honor Roll, after a short period of happiness regarding your success, and strange phenomenon happens – there is an empty feeling that hits you. The product is in production and requires only minimal tweaking – and its a lot like going from Honor Roll to Honor Roll #1 – the big fun was had in that initial incubation and effort – and after that – its just a little more of the same – but does not have that “genesis” feeling any more – yes – its kind of a boring let down. Its when you realized your 15 minutes of fame is up – now what?

The antidote? Build an antenna! I did catch myself being too serious at work, and so my old friend “Mr. Antenna” to the rescue . . . There is something about building something with your hands that lets you take a cerebral vacation. Its even soothing . . .

I decided to replace the 60′ 80M vertical with base coil loading to cover the CW portion of the band with an aluminum version that has 36′ of Spiderbeam aluminum pushup mast and 34′ of wire on top. There will be no need for a base matching component of any kind – I think. If something is needed due to the radials and 70′ vertical, I do have several components I can use. But I’m hoping I can just use the tuner in the IC-7300.

I’ll post some pictures of this vertical later today, but it has been a very good weekend – where I can get my mind off work and start moving into my “post Data Explorer” world – which is a lot like my “post DXCC” world.

We constantly are moving forward in time – so while its fun to reminisce, you have to keep one eye into the future.

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