John Muir National Historic Site

Stairs coming down from the “observation deck” at the John Muir National Historic Site

I live in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve learned more and more about some of the nooks and crannies in my back yard that are little known – but very interesting nonetheless. Today we visited the John Muir National Historic Site. You might have heard of the John Muir National Monument – which is the redwood forest in Marin County, but in Martinez, they have a very nice interpretive center that Chronicles John Muir and his families life in the Contra Costa Town.

Farm machinery invented by John Muir

When John Muir immigrated from Scotland – he started out as an inventor, and could have rivaled Edison – but one accident later – and he was thrust into the wild as a “tramp” or wanderer. He was also a great writer, and with his eloquence, he was able to convince American’s that it was important to preserve our natural heritage. He was the first President of the Sierra Club and is attributed as the “Father of the National Park Service”.

Coppola at the John Muir Historic Site in Martinez, California

You can find lots of pictures and stories online regarding this great homestead and farm, and the bonus is that a small Adobe House is on the property and its part of the Juan Batista Mission Trail. I check into the Mission Trail Net every night, so there is that connection – but for years I have ridden my bike past this park and never stopped in. The house, farm, hills and even the train tracks are all part of my world – the weather, soil, plants and trees are all the same as what I have in my area.

A nice day and a great weekend.

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