Meditations on Morse Code

Begali Intrepid Key, image courtesy of Begali, LLC

While the ham radio world embraces FT8 and robot QSOs, I’m having a “reunification” with CW, or Morse Code. It’s as binary as it gets.

N3ZN ZN-QRP key, courtesy of N3ZN

What I’m realizing is that (for me), the #1 reason ham radio operators should continue to exist is Morse Code. Only because we are the last link to the 1800’s. We are THE legacy of Samuel FB Morse.

Alberto Frattini J36 Bug

The second reason is our connection to manufacturing in the analog world. It’s historic, and sadly, at the end of that line. Think about it – when the last of the people who still restore old radios or build Morse Code keys and paddles leave this mortal coil, I fear we will be where old covered bridges in New England and the North East (and oddly enough Lane County, Oregon) are … Bridges in time without Master Craftsmen showing the way back.

KY6R Lowband Antenna Experiments

The third being backyard Yankee Ingenuity. Tinkerers, experimenters, builders and those who might lead us into the future.

While I could lament on the passing of time, the biggest surprise is that a growing number of Old Fellers have seemingly found me as their portal to the future. Am I an “old soul”? Or maybe I seem to uniquely care to curate and extend their legacy? I don’t quite know yet, but some wind of change is blowing and I seem to be in it’s path.

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