These Precious Moments of Our Autumn Years, They Call . . .

Real Cobwebs on Real Telegraph apparatus at KY6R (insulators above)

Its the week of Halloween, and today we went on our normal bike ride “to the bench and back”. Its about 16 miles round trip – but today was the nicest day of the year because we are having a classic Northern California “Indian Summer” day. We hit 80 degrees, but when we went riding it was around 70 degrees. Its been getting down in the 40’s at night, so we are only weeks away from our first frost. We experienced the first frost in Bend, Oregon just a few weeks back:

First frost in Bend Oregon, First week of October, 2018

Its my absolute favorite weather, and so nice for cycling. Nice Fall Colors and fallen leaf smell along the way – this time of year just can’t be beat – and here in Northern California – it lasts a lot longer than where I grew up on the border of NY / NJ / PA.

I got my 80M vertical top wire pulled up and am very pleased with the results. Last week I had tuned the antenna so that the “tail” wire on top of the vertical was about exactly what I had modeled it to be – 34 feet on top of a 36 foot heavy duty aluminum push up mast (Spiderbeam – one of the masts that went to Heard Island – VK0EK).

Real Straight Key, Real Cobwebs, Fake Skull . . . 

Real Radios Glow in the Dark – yeah – I sure get it now . . . . 

I find myself curiously not caring at all about DXCC. Instead – my new muse is historic radio and getting the National (HRO) SW-3 receiver up and running this Tuesday. I find myself using the ICOM  IC-7300 for calling  VP6D – just because, and also to check into the Mission Trail Net (to give NO traffic). For just fun CW QSO’s – the NorCal 40A is the fun box. I have the Delta 4 coax switch in line – so I can switch all 4 rigs in now.

Just having radio fun these days.



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