Heathkit SB-200

The latest addition to the KY6R shack – the classic Heathkit SB-200

October was a strange month the past two years, and this year was no exception. After 7 months of super good luck at work with that Data Explorer product / project, during my week vacation in Bend the first week of October, I ran into some bad luck at work. That now seems to have “lifted”, so I can breathe easy again.

But in every other area of my life – I had great luck – selling my QRO station and re-building my shack with a little IC-7300 and a couple of antique radios that I just love, a couple cool keys for CW and a little NorCal40A, and a cool little Begali CW Machine.

This morning I found out that a neighbor – just a few miles away was selling his Heathkit SB-200. He’s an electronic engineer and did a stellar job adding all of the Harbach mods. At $375 I could not pass this up. This same thing happened with several pieces of gear that I recently purchased – it was a magical month of serendipity. The Collins 75A-4 was one of the biggest and best surprises I’ve had in Ham Radio – totally unexpected and it still takes my breath away. If things keep going this way – a Collins KWS-1 will end up in my lap – heh heh.

The Chinese Pistachio tree that covers my driveway

I have recently tried calling ZS6CCY with 100 watts, and while I can hear him well, I realized that I will need a little more “oomph”. I wanted it on the cheap though, and lady luck smiled on me – and this SB-200 just fell into my lap. I also got to meet a really nice local ham who would no doubt help me if I ever needed to service the SB-200. But he also went over the entire amplifier, part by part, and it looks really easy to work on – its something I can definitely do – which I could never say with the modern rigs.

Great “dank” IPA – (Hop Shocker). Melvin Brewing out of Wyoming is highly recommended

As you all know – I need Bouvet and Glorioso for my last 2 – and I am sure an amplifier will be needed. I also know 600 watts will make all the difference. So I have downsized (or right sized) to the point where the amplifier will sit on the work bench waiting for these last 2 to fire up – and in the meantime I’ll play with my new toys and just have fun. I simply no longer needed the top of the line QRO station – but I still need something “decent”. Plus – I didn’t want DXCC holding up my other non DXCC plans. It took some “engineering” to figure this out – but being a hobby – I got to do it my way.

Now I am ready for anything and can have my cake and eat it too.

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