2008 and 2009: We Won’t Get Fooled Again

2018 and 2019 look eerily like 2008 and 2009 as far as DXing and Sunspots are concerned

[Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – hi hi . . . ]

Back in 2008 – Petrus was in his tent on Bouvet. I heard him and called him. I remember he had a low voice – not particularly loud or clear. He only had 100 watts and a vertical. As I started calling him – he said he had to go QRT due to nasty winds. That was it. I heard the final transmission. I did not get in his log.

In 2009, FT5GA activated Glorioso. I never heard them once. Many in the SF Bay Area ran to club stations or other hill top locations. My neighbor, Oliver, W6NV invited me to use his station. Like a big dummy, I stayed in my own shack – being a “purist”.

What might have made the difference between Bouvet and Glorioso is that there were a few sunspots with 3Y0E and none with FT5GA, but I think this was compounded by the fact that Bouvet should be a little bit easier to work than Glorioso from the West Coast – certainly on the short path since Bouvet is not a Polar Path and Glorioso is. Glorioso would be a bit easier on the morning long path than Bouvet though . . .

I won’t be a purist this time. I have a Plan A, B and C lined up. As The Who sung “We won’t get fooled again” . . .

Now – I will bet you Top Dollar that a team will announce Glorioso for late 2019 – that will be funny, but not laugh out loud funny, that’s for sure. Again – Plan A, B and C will happen.

Actually – I’m surprised I still get all twisted up about this stupid shit . . It’s a fools game.

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