Red Hot 40 QRP

Red Hot 40 – Successor to the NorCal 40A

Years ago, I built the 40M SST. Since then, the NorCal 40A and this rig – the Red Hot 40 have advanced the technology, designed by Dave Fifield, AD6A. Three things jumped out at me:

  1. Up to 7 watts output – the NorCal 40A is only 2 watts
  2. 70 khz coverage (twice that of the NorCal 40A)
  3. 10 turn pot standard tuning – lends itself to using a really nice vernier dial

Otherwise, it seems similar to the NorCal 40A. For me – 40M is the only band I’d bother with QRP wise – because the band offers all of the activity and even DX that you can hope for throughout a full solar cycle. During Contest Season – 40M reigns supreme – meaning – you will get as much action on 40M as anywhere – actually – a lot more than any other band.

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