The Electronics of Radio

The Electronics of Radio features the NorCal 40A

This is a very interesting book because it features the Wayne Burdick (N6KR) designed NorCal 40A as the premise to this electronic textbook. I’m only just starting to read it – but having such a text that matches a rig I can hold in my hand is pretty cool.

I like how David explains the physics and shows the math in an approachable way. Then he goes over the applied science with the actual rig and its schematic and something you can look at and measure.

I took an electronics class in college – the professor had the class segregated into two parts – physics majors and non physics majors who needed the science elective. The problem with the class is we did not build anything – or even test anything. We literally just studied a “physics of semiconductor” textbook. And while I surprisingly found the details of the physics of semiconductors interesting, there was zero practical application discussed. This is precisely why my first year and a half at a Community College was better than the four year school – the Community College had teachers who were working in the industry, but at the 4 year college – those professors were career teachers.

I sure wish we had this book and had hands on education – it could have been so much more interesting. And its funny, my youngest son said he agrees – that the Community College he attended before going to UC was as good or better in many ways.

I didn’t expect this book to remind me how great Community Colleges are – but they are.

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