Man from W.A.S.P

My Heritage according to Ancestry – you can’t get more “waspy” than this . . . 

I have been using Ancestry to track my family heritage – and go way back to the 1500’s with my family Genealogy. I had been concentrating more on my Holoch family – which is solidly from Stuttgart – but probably started out in Reutlingen way back in time.

The British Industrial Revolution

I was very, very lucky to live in London – on Hollywood Road in SW10 – at the border of Fullingham and Chelsea in the late 1980’s. I worked at 77 Oxford Road and traveled all over Europe. I visited Stuttgart, Pfullingen and Zurich – all places where I have relatives. I have to admit – Zurich really felt like home while I was there – probably because my Grandmother’s family was from Langenargen – and because Stuttgart and Zurich are not all that far away from each other. I also did feel very comfortable in the Black Forest area.

But there was no greater feeling of being home than when I was in London – and then in Devon. My British family have the surnames of East and Linnington, and Ancestry says I am 68% British. My East family are from Hammersmith and Bow – just south of the Thames and in central London. They moved to Torquay during the war, but I sure loved London – it had a special “feel” to it – one that did feel very familiar.

New England Style Church in Sussex County, NJ

When I first received my analysis, it was closer to 50 / 50 – as Anglo Saxon as you can get. But there are parts of my personality that are far more British than German – my sense of humor and my love of the arts is very Anglo – more than Saxon. But the language is very much a driver of this – I am sure. Also – I grew up in Newton, Sussex County, which was as New England as New Jersey gets.

Doing family research takes many years. You start it for a while and then stop. I did it in the 1990’s but had to stop because the records I had access to were the State Archives that only went back to the 1700’s. Ancestry now has all of the old church records – so using a web browser – I can cruise back in time to the 1500’s. Its quite fascinating, and does give me a lot of perspective on my personality and what my drives and likes are all about.


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