The Karma of Checks and Balances

I started 2018 off proclaiming 2018 as The Year of Karma. Last night that proclamation was realized

I despise far right and far left politicians, politicos and other miscreants who adhere to political dogma that’s anathema to Our Democracy. I have never expected America to be perfect – it will never be, and no politician has THE answer to what is perfect. America is only as great as it is because of its imperfections.

Jerry Garcia’s Hat

I grew up in NJ and clearly remember the shenanigans of Donald Trump, but always blew it off thinking he was the typical New York Shyster. There were so many of these types in New York and New Jersey it was a cliche and one that no one took seriously. These guys (and they were always guys) were a cross between My Cousin Vinnie and The Sopranos. They had a “shtick” and they were schmucks.

Fast forward to 2016 and while I was in shock, I had some hope that maybe Trump’s rhetoric was showmanship – and that he would even pull a bait and switch. You see – he was a Democrat for many years – look at who he used to hang out with – and watch his old interviews from the 80’s and 90’s – you’ll see the Democrat in him for sure. But his ego took over and he has pushed this political dogma of the far right – all because he is a skilled Opportunist – as long as it suits his ego and everything is about him – that’s who he will be.

I wondered “how bad can Trump actually be?”. The answer has been “Way worse than anyone could have imagined”. This is the first time I have ever feared that a dictator was possible in America. What I can’t believe is how many people have bought into Trumps BS. They will be the biggest losers – watch how they get royally screwed in the next 2 years – there will be no trickle down – and I’ve already seen lots from “flyover country” become very concerned about health care – after they essentially voted for people who have taken healthcare away. Go figure . . .

But here is something to think about. The economy is SO good – you would expect that the House and Senate would stay solidly Republican. Usually, no matter what, “Its the economy stupid”. It was no small feat that Democrats took back the House – and I am very relieved they did. I hope they seize the moment – there is way too much at stake.

Today I feel a great relief that there is now the possibility of checks and balances. Maybe our Democracy will survive this Emperor and his New Clothes (Made in China).

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