Begali Intrepid Bug

The Begali Intrepid Bug – its pivot and weights are “backwards” as compared to the Vibroplex

This is a novelty key – and a fun one at that. I am playing with it and the Begali CW Machine – another strange but interesting CW toy. More on the CW Machine in a future blog.

Its really funny – while I am excited to work Bouvet – 3Y0I, I have really moved on past DXCC. I am having so much fun not chasing DXCC and having that “OCD” any more. In fact, its almost a PITA that I still have to chase these last two – but I am so close I guess I better do it – hi hi

I am actually looking forward to not having to have an amplifier in line – but I know for a fact I ill need it to work 3Y0I. My nightly checks of ZS6CCY show that what used to be an easy path is no longer that easy.

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