Pilot Wasp and My 1930’s “Bohemian Love Jones”

The Pilot Wasp – perhaps the coolest radio advertisement and name for a radio ever . . .

I just figured out why I have lately had the “Bohemian Love Jones” for the 1930’s. Radio and Photography was extra-ordinary. Avant garde and part of several movements that I have loved – but never made all of these connections before:

Man Ray – “Glass Tears” . . . (L’armes) – 1932

Ilse Bing – Self Portrait with Leica – 1931

Fantastic Monster Movies! Lon Cheney – Phantom of the Opera (not to be confused with Dick Cheney and Waterboarding – cymbal crash!)

Brave New World – 1931 – One of my all time favorites – and prescient for today’s times . . .


I was soooooo lucky to see Stephane Grapelli and Bucky Pizarelli back in the late 80’s / early 90’s . . . Blew me away.

Howlin Wolf, Leadbelly and Robert Johnson were in fine form in the 30’s.

2 Comments on “Pilot Wasp and My 1930’s “Bohemian Love Jones”

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