Yaesu FTdx101MP: My Next Rig?

200 watt Yaesu radio – could this be my next rig?

I don’t want an amplifier. But I have to admit – 100 watts is not enough at the bottom of the cycle. Sure – I can work ZS6CCY on 40M with 100 watts – but barely. 500 watts easily. More? Better.

Amplifiers are a real pain in the ass – they require matching – even if the antenna is resonant. If anything is not just right – you will know about it immediately. Arcs and sparks. Extremely high voltage at the antenna.

Enter a 200 watt rig – enough “oopmh”, but no issues. I once had the Yaesu FT-1000D and the FT2000D. The FT2000D had the best ergonomics of any rig – but the “QRM fighting tools” sucked. They plain didn’t work. Even firmware upgrades were “tepid”. I was angry that I paid that money and then had to void the warranty if I did the AC0C mod – which fixed the radio and turned it into what it was supposed to be.

But having a 100 watt exciter and amplifier gives you more options. It’s a tricky decision to make.

I won’t be fooled twice – so I am waiting to see how this new 200 watt rig pans out. I’ll be 60 this Spring – and if this rig kicks ass – it will be my 60 year birthday wish.

I will have been a ham for 46 years . . . I was first licensed as WN2QHN in 1973.

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