Bouvet Island from the West Coast

From Orinda, its “130 at 130” – 130 degrees south east at 0130z

For several years – yes years – if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know that I am a ZS propagation junky. I know every minute and hour of every season when the West Coast can work ZS – in the evening short path and the morning long path.

The only difference with 3Y0/B is that the beam heading is 130 degrees from Orinda (near San Francisco) instead of 90 degrees – which is for ZS. Its mostly a water path, and I will bet 40M is the King for this time of the year and solar cycle. Morning Long Path is probably a bridge too far. So – if you are on the West Coast – I would bet on 40 and 30M at our sunset – and a few hours past. If we are lucky to get a few sunspots – maybe 20 and 17M, but I’m not optimistic there.

I’ll only need Glorioso after this one. Cool beans? You betcha!

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