3Y0I: The Fix is In!

We Interrupt this Vintage and QRP ham radio lust for an ATNO chase . . . 

Lately I have had a full on jag for Vintage Radio, QRP Radios and Morse Code paddles and bugs. Its a major departure from the past 17 years – where I was totally consumed with DXCC and DX-ing.

HOWEVER – Bouvet is calling – and I am getting up to snuff to put in a good signal and to work them.

Your may ask “Why did you believe in this team and sign up to be a charter member of the Rebel DXers?”

The answer is simple – where 3Y0Z was “The Box” – I realized it would take a team who were thinking outside the box to actually activate Bouvet. There are no guarantees – but if someone – anyone has an even plausible plan – why not support them.

I did, and I am so glad that I did.

Godspeed and good luck to the team. I’ll do my best as West Coast Pilot to help all of us get in their log – me included!


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