My “Clandestine Shortwave Operation” . . .

The Air Boss will get my dipole up 60+ feet tomorrow

With a 40M dipole perfectly aimed 130 degrees and up 60′, and with an AL-80B – excited with an ICOM IC-7300, I’ll get in the 3Y0I Log. That plus as an early “investor” – they will call me, which will be a real kick.

I got the Air Boss ready to roll starting early tomorrow morning. We had a rainy week – but a gorgeous sunny weekend – so its do or die tomorrow – we have rain back in the forecast this coming week – which is close enough to when they will be on the air – that I need to get this done stat. Work will be busy, and it gets dark too early these days . . . better plan on a few “sick days” heh heh

MFJ Current Balun as center insulator . . . 

The dipole will be temporary since one tree is on my neighbors property – but where it looms large over my property. This 3Y0I 40M dipole is a “clandestine shortwave operation” . . . . put it up – get the ATNO, take it down. I did the same when I worked SV2ASP/A for the last one towards Honor Roll. That (other) neighbor then cut down that giant Monterrey Pine just after I took that 40M dipole down. This time its the same kind of story – this is another Monterrey Pine – which don’t do so well once they grow as tall as this one is – a good 70 – 80 feet. I fully expect that this one will also have to be cut down in 2019.

No one will be the wiser . . .


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