The Rebel DXer 40M Special!

Off in the distance, you can see the 40M dipole – up 60′. Nice fall colors! (click photo for much better view). You can see the MFJ current choke in the middle, but it’s high enough where the antenna almost looks invisible (hahahaha).

You can see how much higher the dipole is over the UrbanBeam. I wish the neighbors tree wasn’t in such bad shape or I would leave this antenna up.

One last look . . . I’ll leave it up for 3Y0I, and maybe for the rest of the Winter. Time will tell. For me, 40 meters is by far my favorite band. It kept me DXing at the bottom of Cycle 23, and I am sure it will be what gets me to Top of Honor Roll in Cycle 24 (or beyond).

First serious DX test – VU2GSM was most clear on this new dipole – so for long haul DX – this antenna is looking good. I did hear him on the phased vertical array – and even the lowly UrbanBeam – so that was cool. But the new dipole did have the edge. I’ve learned that at the bottom of the cycle that even 1 dB makes a difference between working them or not. Usually it takes 2 dB to notice the difference.

Bouvet is not guaranteed, but I just have a strong gut feeling that the Rebel DXers will pull this off.

Then it’s Glorioso ….

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