First ZS Test: DXE DV-40-P vs. 40M Dipole up 60′

At 0425z we are getting past the optimal time for a 40M SP QSO with ZS

However, the only antenna where I can actually hear him above the noise is the DXE DV-40-P. Neither the UrbanBeam or the dipole up 60′ cut the mustard. Oddly enough, the UrbanBeam comes in second place. I can hear Volker a little on the UrbanBam – but nada on the dipole up 60′

Being at the end of this opening – his side probably has more high angle incoming signals – but I’l never know for sure. That could explain why the UrbanBeam is surprising me

I just worked DT8A on South Shetland, and the dipole was #1. Oddly enough I could hear him on the UrbanBeam but not on the DXE phased vertical array.

All of this has to be due to path direction and take off and arrival angles at each end of the circuit. South Shetland is in grey line and ZS is past sunrise. I am in darkness. I never get tired of these “propagation tests” because its theory vs. reality and there are always a few surprises.

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