Which 40M Antenna Will Win for 3Y0I?

The DX Engineering DV-40-P phased vertical array wins the ZS path (orange), the dipole wins the South Shetlands path (light blue), so which antenna will win the highly coveted Bouvet Path (yellow)? Time will tell.

The most interesting thing is that in both cases, the UrbanBeam did hear the stations in both places. It was not quite as good as the winner – but frankly, I figured that the UrbanBeam up only 34-ish feet would be a total lost cause – and I was wrong. The explanation has to be that the angle of arrival at my end is higher due to the fact that each station was in its grey line – or was past its sunrise. We get this same phenomenon when we are at sunrise. In fact, when I worked FT5ZM and VK0EK on 160M – it was just before sunrise. There are many days where I’ve worked ZS on the long path after our sunrise on 40M, so this is in play for the station in grey line or past grey line.

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