2019: Bottom of Cycle 24?

Predicting the sunspot cycle seems to be even less accurate than predicting the weather, but it’s still fun to at least “ponder”

The sunspot cycle on average is usually 11 or 11.5 years, but some years its shorter and some longer – in fact it has ranged from 9 to 14 years in the past.

I’m going to go out on a ledge and predict (muse / ponder) that Cycle 24 will have 2019 as its bottom and that it will last a year or two at the bottom. This means we might climb out of the trough in 2021 or so.

I could be wrong – maybe we will not have the long minimum we had at the bottom of Cycle 23. Maybe Cycle 25 will upswing in 2020? That would be nice.

Until then, try the DXE DV-40-P, because 40M is the new 20M and because a phased vertical array on 40M fits in a small lot and offers an incredible bang for the buck.

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