Latest Bouvet Propagation Prediction

Its a mostly water path from San Francisco to Bouvet Island . . . and the sunset grey line is pretty much perfect as far as when they will go and activate . . .

I believe 40 – 17M. Propagation prediction tools are notoriously bad even at 40M – and are terrible below that. In fact, I usually take the prediction and shift the bands down by one – and then it seems more like reality.

From the WC – even if say 160M and 80M were possible – we’d get killed by other parts of the world.

I am sure 3Y0I will have to ask specifically for West Coast during the WC sunset and for hours after – and especially on 40M. I’ll bet 30M could also mirror 40M in this regard.

I’m in it for ONE QSO – once I see myself in their log – I’m done.


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