K1EL PS2B Keyer Kit

The K1EL Practice Keyer – the PS2B (minus the built in circuit board paddle)

K1EL has several excellent PIC processor based Keyers, and they fill some niche gap areas in ham radio.

One thing that I like – they handle paddles as well as bugs.

The very cool Begali Intrepid Bug / Paddle

I have the hybrid Bug / Paddle – the Begali Intrepid, and another 100% bug and work of art is an Alberto Frattini J36

Alberto Frattini J-36 Bug

At the beginning of the year I proclaimed that I would invest more time getting my CW chops back – I was quite good as a teen, but when I got back into Ham Radio in 2001 its been nothing but 599 TU plus the call sign exchange – which is pretty pathetic, actually.

I’m seeing that I will be one of the last of an era to keep old tube rigs on the air, old bugs on the air, etc. Because I love “living history” (and way more than just radio), this suits me just fine.

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