The KY6R “KWS-1 Special”

My next idea antenna wise at my Orinda house – what I’ll call the “KWS-1 Special” . . .

My 40M phased vertical array is literally down in a ditch – next to a creek. It outperforms all of my expectations in a way that seems to be too good to be true – but its the one thing in life that lives up to (actually exceeds) that old anachronism (if its too good to be true it probably is . . . ). It exceeds my 60′ dipole by 10 dB to ZS6CCY – and Bill gives real signal reports. Cool beans – with radio – there is still some “magic” left in this forlorn, felaheen old world.

The Collins “Gold Dust Twins” – the KWS-1 transmitter and 75A-4 receiver . . . Photo courtesy of WA9WFA …

40M Vertical Array next to the creek

So – now that my neighbor is cutting down the wretched (but very tall) Monterrey Pine – (just like my other neighbor did after I made HR with SV2ASP/A and another clandestine 40M dipole up 70′ back in 2011-12), so now I have only one remaining place I can fit a killer 40M antenna and get it up at good 7 – 10 feet higher than my lowly phased vertical array. I can have a side fed loop above my house.

The side Fed 40M Loop is a killer DX antenna

I’m not sure if its a mono bander, because it models very nicely on 80, 40 and 30M. My UrbanBeam covers 40 – 6M, but is a bit too low on 40M – however its great on 30M and above.

EZNec says on 80M its an excellent antenna . . . 

Also awesome on 30M. I will need an antenna tuner for sure. . . 

It is a broadband array, and it is oriented in the two directions I need for my favorite DX (East and West). One thing I can do is try it and test it against my 70′ 80M vertical and my DX Engineering DV-40-P 40M phased vertical array. I even hve two trees on my property that I can use to hang it from. If its a barn burner, then I could use two Rohn push up masts at each end of the house.

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