If I Build It . . . . (Death of a 40M Dipole)

I had a 40M dipole up 60′ for 3Y0I . . . 

Two weeks after putting it up, my neighbor drops a note off at my doorstep saying he is cutting down the 70′ tree that one end is attached to.

The “offensive” and scraggly Monterrey Pine that the dipole is in on one side

I did enough tests, and the dipole was 10 dB down with ZS6CCY. That told me I didn’t need the dipole – that my DXE DV-40-P is the BOSS around here.

This is the funniest thing though. When I made Honor Roll with a (“cheer filled”) New Years Eve 2012/2013 evening QSO with Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A (and when a guest went to our bathroom, turned on a dimmer light and blew my receiver out right as I tried to hear Monk Apollo come back to me), a couple months later, my other neighbor cut down his Monterrey Pine tree that had one end of a 40M dipole up a whopping 70′. I paid penitence in the spring of that year – I worked SV2ASP/A on 17M CW – when he had a really great CW op visit – rumor was – it was a Finnish ham. Anyway – I redeemed my good DX Name with a real QSO. I wanted my last QSO towards HR to be more “momentous” , and instead it was sloppy.

So – trees, dipoles, 40M and New Years seem to be the perfect storm combo for Murphy to visit. “If we build it – he will come” must refer to Murphy?

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