The Accidental Gold Dust Twins Collector …

I’ll be picking up a Collins KWS-1 this Saturday morning. Because this is a “whim” (just as the 75A-4 receiver was), the price had to be right, and it had to be local pick up. These caveats seemed like big IF’s and I knew they would require a minor miracle to happen. Remember, only 1600 of these transmitters were manufactured!

I did find one on the East Coast, but when I looked at shipping and logistics, the cost went way up – three times what I found this one for, and would surely have been vetoed by the “Chairman of the Board”.

The seller said the magic words “It had been used on the air up until the ham went SK”. It also is a later version with all mods and uses 3CX250b’s, which I just purchased NOS Eimac for $150-ish.

There’s the other caveat – adding cost for refurbishing could double the price and shipping on top if this would put it out of my budget.

I love my Howard Mills beautifully refurbished 75A-4, but I’m more than fine for the KWS-1 to be working but not pristine. That said, the rig looks like it is in very good to excellent condition anyway – which means this was just meant to be. I love serendipity.

Expect a full shack reordering Friday, and the setup Saturday afternoon.

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