West Coast – 3Y0I Pilot Test (40M)

As you already know – I usually do ZS tests at night for the short path – always on 40M. Tonight I was able to hear E51DOM/MM (in Cape Town) sending CW at 0430z and he was loud enough to make a QSO (if I were running more the 100 watts that I am). Dom was only running 150 watts into a makeshift antenna – so just hearing him was really a good sign. I barely heard him though on SSB.

Andre, V51B then transmitted and was S5 – 9 on SSB – there was deep QSB, but I coud hear Andre Q5 most of the time. He also heard my 100 watts to my DXE phased vertical array – and while he said I was only 5 5 – he was surprised that we could have a decent QSO.

Its times like this when I am so thankful I have the DXE DV-40-P. I love “value” and “bang for the buck”, and the DXE phased vertical arrays – for a small lot is king.

Of course, when 3Y0I is on the air – I will be running 1000 watts. But since the real test is if you can hear them – then I am pleased that I did hear everyone in ZS and V51 tonight. I do expect that propagation to 3Y0I will be similar.

And 0430z is a magical time to remember.

2 Comments on “West Coast – 3Y0I Pilot Test (40M)

  1. Rich:
    You forgot to tell us on what band/frequency all this electromagnetic joy took place!


    • Thanks for the reminder – its 40M, my favorite band, and what I am sure will be the “money band” from the W.C. However, when 30M behaves like 40M, we would be good there. I also think those on FT8 will get through on other bands that sound dead to CW and SSB ops (like me – hi hi).

      I want one contact – so I can get back to my stronger “muse” these days – the Collins Gold Dust Twins project!


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