The Gold Dust Twins Have Landed at KY6R!

A bit rough looking, but it did turn on today and both units look quite good inside

We went to one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to as far as antique radios is concerned – Sacramento Radio Expo. Doug, WB6LOO, the proprietor, is an Electrical Engineer who has taught classes at Stanford. Since his retirement – he has been purchasing estate sales and has amassed thousands of antique radios. He is in the process of downsizing – because he says he no longer needs a showroom – all of his sales now are online. I saw several very rare receivers on his shelves – he has an amazing eye . . .

Doug Wilner, WB6LOO

He said “goodbye” to the KWS-1. He collects 60’s Collins rigs but at the last minute he did say he thought this (older rig) was an awesome rig. Because we tested it on a Variac – and it seems to work quite well – we were both very pleased that I got a good deal. Doug is a really nice guy.

I’ve been told I got a great deal at $1200 for the power supply and KWS-1 by several other hams in the SF Bay Area who are into Collins gear. The reason – there were 1600 of these made and half were destroyed by the US Military. The serial number on mine is 1576 – so I got one of the very last ones. In fact, the goofy paint that you see on the front no doubt was a military sale or a corporate sale – where they had an asset tag number that the previous owner tried to blot out the asset tag number. Ugggh. Oh well.

My plan is very similar to the SW-3. The power supply I don’t care a whit about what it looks like – as long as it works like a champ and provides the rig with the voltage and current it needs.

HOWEVER – I want the KWS-1 RF Deck to look as good as the 75A-4 that I have – so it will be sent to Howard, W3HM, very soon. I’ll first play with it – just to see how it works. While the RF Deck is being restored – I will clean up the power supply, and maybe even have the case pwder coated in Oakland. I might even look into replacing any tubes that I should.

One very cool thing – the massive power transformers with this vintage rig were manufactured in Oakland – very close to the house I own there – just over the hill from Orinda.

2 Comments on “The Gold Dust Twins Have Landed at KY6R!

  1. Good luck with the new direction, Rich. You are a few years ahead of me but we may be on the same path! He loop works and the vertical goes up vy soon and then we address 160. Now, if I could only duplicate your SV/A events I would have them all.
    GL es CUL


    • Wow – with only SV2ASP/A to go – I would try to find out which Finnish ham visited him a few years back and who worked the West Coast on 17M CW easily. This was after my awful, crummy. no good original SSB QSO on 40M – which I don’t really count as a good one.

      Its that weird phenomenon – once you’ve worked an entity, all of a sudden it gets much easier to work a second time. But I will say – Monk Apollo’s guest was such a great operator, I almost fell over when I worked him as easy as I did that second QSO

      73- Merry XMAS and HNY


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