2019: The Year of 3Y0I and The Gold Dust Twins

I have perhaps one of the best restored Collins 75A-4 receivers and speaker . . . 

I fell in love with my 75A-4 and am in awe every time I use it. I recently picked up a rough looking KWS-1 transmitter to match.

The KWS-1 will be restored in January, 2019 . . . 

During my week off between Christmas and New Year’s, I hope to do two big deal things:

1. Work 3Y0I

2. Test my Collins KWS-1

I will be shipping the KWS-1 RF Deck to have it restored, and I will restore the Power Supply. I’ve gone over all of the parts in the power supply and feel that I can ensure it operates fine, and also clean up the cabinet. I don’t feel the need to have the power supply restored – it is 170 pounds and shipping would be crazy anyway. Perhaps if I found someone locally – but even then, I do feel I can do the work myself.

The KWS-1 RF Deck will be restored and tested – and I will also be able to get the proper relay for a reasonable price. When it comes back I will be done with 3Y0I and free to resume what will end up being a theme in 2019 – using the Gold Dust Twins to check into nets and rag chew. I kind of expect to use the Gold Dust Twins mostly on SSB – so I will get an Astatic D-104 or other Hi Z bullet mic. Maybe even a ribbon mic?

I kind of doubt that I will need to bother with antennas since I have 80 – 6M and all are resonant antennas. Therefore I do expect 2019 to be a “Vintage Gold Dust” year. I will also concentrate on “conversational” CW.

Over this past weekend I realized that the reason why I had the success I had in 2018 is that I visualized the future and then just made it happen. I didn’t let lumps and bumps get in the way – I kept my eye on my goals and visualized ultimate success. When we are young – we have unbridled (and unfounded) confidence based on little knowledge. When we get older – and understand that we know less than we ever have – because we know what we don’t know – we have to be very careful not to get filled with self doubt.

Its all about balance . . . this will be my “mantra” for 2019 – its very simple and I think a good guide to follow at this point in my life.

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