Geochron Analemma and The Winter Solstice

Geochron 4K Analemma

The Geochron 4K, plus the inexpensive but very high quality TCL digital 4K big screen TV that I purchased this year is one of the best purchases of 2018. I just love this thing and so much more than the mechanical version that I was “bequeathed”. The 4K can be turned off and on – and it very quickly updates itself – whereas when you turn off the mechanical version – you have to reset it mechanically using three adjustments. The mechanical version is meant to stay on 24×7, and that just isn’t an option in my ham radio shack.

For a full description of what an Analemma is –

The Analemma is showing the Winter Solstice with the sun positioned at the bottom of the figure 8.

The longest night in the Northern Hemisphere this year coincides with a full moon and also a meteor shower – so this is a pretty cool Winter Solstice for sure. The sun’s track in the southern hemisphere is longer and shorter in the northern hemisphere this time of the year.

I’m very thankful that Patrick purchased the Geochron company and has kept the Geochron heritage alive. I am also very thankful for Howard Mills – who has faithfully restored so many Collins rigs to their original glory. I have become a history buff – I have no idea where this has come from because when I was a kid my love of science seemed to fall more in the Science realm, but I am starting to see that it may be more of a History thing because while I do love the science – I’m finding reading about the people involved and what they went through to accomplish what they did is the more interesting story.

Technology is technology – and maybe its something that is meant for us to take for granted – but the people who invented or evolved the technology are people we cannot (or should not) take for granted. This is because its the people who inspire us most. Its the human spirit and the “triumph of the will” – perhaps the oldest and best universal story line.

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