All Eyes on 2019 Now

A NOS Eimac pair of these little bad boys will power the KWS-1 and my radio fun in 2019

Today I took the AL-80B out of the operating line at KY6R – because I see that 3Y0I has pushed their trip to 2019 – whenever the ship leaves. I’ve held off plans to re-arrange the shack for the last 2 months – while they have been in Cape Town, but will wait no longer. I’ll put the AL-80B inline in a very temporary position if and when 3Y0I comes on the air. There are many variables in play – and just landing on the beach and climbing a glacier are not light weight activities. There are no guarantees. My “Plan B” is now my Plan A. Enough of that . . .

I’m now moving full steam on my shack plans. Check back tomorrow – I should have some great new shack pics in my next blog.


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