KWS-1 on its Way

The RF Deck (top unit) is now on its way to being restored. I will restore the bottom unit – the Power Supply – and it will mean testing tubes and replacing electrolytic capacitors – straight forward stuff. I will also clean up the cabinet and do a thin over spray of “St. James Grey”.

I probably will get replacement tubes for the Power Supply – one way to “test” the tubes (since I don’t have a tube tester) is to get NOS tubes and swap them out. The inside of both units is very clean – and so I expect that all of the serviceable parts are things I can handle pretty easily. Luckily, Howard Mills is coaching me on this – so I have the worlds best Collins restoration mentor!

My goal is to have a 100% restored Power Supply to match the wonderful job he will be doing on the RF Deck. I fully expect that all of this will be done by end of January – beginning of February – but there is no rush. I am sure it will be all done by my big birthday in March.

Wow – now I’m already envisioning the full first quarter of 2019. Something else big is going on – but its too early to mention now . .

Oh yeah – 3Y0I – that might happen too. Gee – the first quarter of 2019 could be a lot of fun if all goes well.

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